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Way better than the original game released under a tight deadline! 

Adding sounds made it complete. You chose most of the sounds very well, fitting the action and effect they were recreating.

Some of the jumps are still pinpoint, but most of them are fairly jumpable. The checkpoint system is a good add! I liked the star particles too.

The boss seemed a bit too hard to defeat (so many lights), but maybe it's intended to be this hard.

Good job on the post-jam corrections! Check out my updates on TheJoker when you have the time :)

Thanks a lot Sir..I really appreciate you, taking time to check out my game..I's definitely play your game soon..


Love the lighting in this game! Might have raged a bit on the boss but overall I really liked the game!

Hey man!

Thanks a lot for playing my game..This really means a lot ♡

My absolute pleasure! Keep making great games!! 

have you been inspired by limbo and inside? i love this game. i had limbo vibe. will you make more games?


Yes..Mostly limbo..I loved how simple it looks but yet feels so beautiful..Yes!..I'm definitely gonna make more games. I literally can't thank you enough for playing my game.. You are the best.. You, my friend, have earned another subsciber.


wow thanks. well your game was cool

you actually played the first build of the the game.. I've actuallly updated it..maybe try playing it ☺


Thankyou so so so much❤

God, the anxiety level, with the chase thing, sucks! :O

most of the parts are okay, but in the area with the disappearing platforms and the ceiling saws, that last jump is just impossible.
tried it like 30 times and always cant make that jump onto the last platform (before solid ground) without touching the ceiling saw.


I know.. It wasn't supposed to be hard but, I had do little time to playtest.. I'm just waiting for the jam to end so that I can upload  the final builD


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!




Thanks buddy...Really means a lot.